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Dear guests,





Our team is following very closely the guidelines and regulations of the institutions responsible for the prevention of the spread of Covid-19, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), the Ministry of Health ( MH), Ministry of Tourism (MT), Regional Health Inspectorate (RHI), Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA), Regional Inspectorate for Environmental Protection and Water (RIEW), Varna Municipality. In connection with all issued instructions, ordinances and regulations, we would like to assure you that we have prepared protocols and action plans tailored to the specifics of hotels, restaurants, bars, swimming pools and recreation areas.


Last but not least, the main concern for us is the safety of our employees and their families. Many of them have many years of professional experience in the field of tourism and services, are familiar with best practices, and are trained to take the right actions in your service. Every employee in Prestige Hotels is equipped with personal protective equipment, incl. protective masks, safety helmets, protective suits, gloves. Dispensers with disinfectants, instructions for their use, checklists for checking the measures imposed by the management are located at each workplace. Prior to the initial recruitment, and then on a 14-day basis, we plan to test for Covid-19 to prevent the disease. Each of them undergoes training from their managers, with a basic focus on how to safely perform their duties in the service of our guests.


In the following lines, we present to you in summary the specific measures we take in the various departments that make up the service and product of Prestige Hotels.


Reception, lobby area and accommodation process sending guests


Check-in and check out will be carried out at the pre-specified hours till 12 and after 14 o`clock, and newly arrived guests will be accommodated as a matter of priority in rooms free from the previous day, in order to disinfect, clean and ventilate the accommodation. There will be a 3 mm thick Plexiglas partition installed at the reception, in order to avoid direct contact between the guest and the employee. Restrictive stickers will be placed on the floor to comply with 2 m, distance between individual guests. Sensor dispensers with disinfectant gel will be installed at all entrances, exits, reception, elevators. In the lobby area, upholstered furniture will be kept at a maximum distance, with reduced capacity, in order to prevent the crowding of many people indoors. The procedure for accommodation and check out will be performed according to the shortened procedure, as the instructions to the guests and a detailed presentation of the services will be performed by phone from the room. A maximum of 4 people / one family will be served at the same time, and for this purpose our hotels have a separate outdoor lobby area for waiting and rest. Receptionists, piccolors, guest relations - will be equipped with personal protective equipment. Advertising materials, information folders will be provided upon request by guests after pre-treatment with disinfectant. All contact surfaces in the lobby area - sofas, elevator buttons, door handles, toilets, keys, floors, furniture in the outdoor lobby area will be disinfected every hour.




All accommodation in Prestige hotels are cleaned daily with certified cleaners and disinfectants, will be mechanically ventilated, contact surfaces are disinfected daily. Each guest will be provided with a "sanitary set" with a mask and disposable gloves. Hotel bathroom supplies will be labeled with the detailed content of the ingredients in them. The rooms will be cleaned for additional disinfection with steam generators with a maximum operating temperature of 97C, and the contact surfaces with bactericidal lamps. The filters of the individual air convectors and split systems will be cleaned with an aqueous solution with a disinfectant after the end of the stay of each guest / family. After leaving the room, the minimum time for cleaning, charging and disinfection of the room will be at least 4 hours. The hotels have their own laundry facilities, equipped with professional washing machines, dryers and ironing machines (calenders), dosing systems working with products certified by the Regional Health Inspectorates, in which the washing and ironing of bed linen and towels is performed. According to the instructions of the institutions, the procedure will be performed at elevated temperatures of 60-90C.


Restaurants, bars, kitchens


According to the current regulations of the Ministry of Health, the Regional Health Inspectorates and the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, the guests will be fed in the open areas of the hotels. In order to avoid the formation of queues and lack of space, the duration of individual meals will be extended by an additional 1 hour. Hotels reserve the right, depending on the capacity and occupancy of the base, to introduce different meal times at a later stage in order to avoid crowding. The buffets will be equipped with 3mm thick Plexiglas partitions, and the various dishes will be provided by buffets / chefs, according to the preferences and wishes of the guests. The tables will be cleaned and disinfected after each guest / family. The distance between the individual tables will be at least 1.5 m. Disposable pads will be used. Cutlery will be provided by an employee. The bars will be equipped with 3mm thick Plexiglas partitions, and all drinks will be provided by an employee. The vending machines will be serviced by the bar staff, and guests will only have access to packaged products. The flow of people in the indoor part of the restaurants will be one-way, with separate entrance and exit to the open areas, indicated by stickers and signs. The work in the kitchens will be carried out according to BFSA regulations and HACCP systems integrated in Prestige hotels. The products will be accepted by the suppliers, by special employees who will strictly monitor their quality, batch numbers, origin and expiration date. Their storage is carried out in professional chambers for plus storage, low-temperature, and the processing is carried out in the various preparation rooms, in strict compliance with the flows, and keeping temperature diaries. All employees in the food and beverage establishments will work, equipped with personal protective equipment, in compliance with strict sanitary and hygienic rules.


Swimming pools, recreation areas, animation


The swimming pools of Prestige hotels, outdoor and indoor, have automated dispensing stations for disinfectants, as well as pumping systems ensuring proper circulation and filtration of water. In the 2020 season, according to the guidelines of the RHI, all pools will be maintained at a higher level of sodium hypochlorite, in order to better disinfect. Every 10 days, water samples are taken from certified laboratories for microbiological analysis, the results of which will be provided to anyone interested. The pools are cleaned daily with a mechanical cleaner, by means of the pumping equipment. The sand filters and grilles of the overflow gutters are cleaned daily. Sunbeds and umbrellas in all pools will be located at a greater distance from each other, without blankets, and will be disinfected after leaving the guest.


All animation programs, sports activities, children's entertainment will be held in the open areas of hotels, around the pools, in children's outdoor areas. They will be cleaned and disinfected several times a day.




Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Common Parts


Prestige Hotels have 4 heat pump units for air conditioning of common areas, as well as split systems, all of them serviced with refrigerant R-410A, according to Regulation 517 of the European Union. The hotels have files of the systems, which describe the procedures for their maintenance and safe operation. All filters of the air convectors and split systems serving the common areas will be cleaned weekly with an aqueous solution of disinfectant, and in the accommodation after the stay of each guest / family. The hotels have a general exchange injection and suction ventilation system with carbon dioxide level sensors, determining the required flow rate of their work.


Prestige Hotels have a developed system for waste classification, their origin, the activity through which they are generated, as well as their separate collection and disposal, according to the requirements of the RIEW.


The above measures are current at this time according to the instructions of the institutions, and will be updated and adapted according to the circumstances and developments. The hotel has an equipped and certified doctor's office with handling and mobile resuscitation team with 24 hours on-site service or the nearest polyclinic.


With best wishes to our guests and partners, and hope for a better future, let us all experience a wonderful summer together, we are waiting to see you soon!


From the team of Prestige Hotels